Saturday, April 4, 2009

Draw Vector Heart Artwork with illustrator


today, i found a very useful tutorial from
Tutvid, explain the pen tool, grid, paths and a lot of stuff!
the result is a nice Vector Heart
and because it's vector you can resize it sclae it
or do what ever you want with it.
i hope you like it and good luck.

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Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

Good example, I'm looking for a fun drawing tool, we'll see about Adobe.
:) Sheri

illustrator-artwork said...

my friend Sheri thank you for the comment;

in my opinion the best drawing tool ever made is illustrator cause it's simple free to try and there is a lot of free tutorial about it!

wrlcome again

Alex said...

Me gusto mucho ..
Good example!!!

maevonnie said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for this example and tutorial! I love heart artwork, so this is perfect for me! Thanks again!

generic cialis said...

Thanks for the tutorial but it would be nice that you add some tutorials with gimp. Because it is a open source software.

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