Thursday, March 3, 2011

My experience with PTC websites to make money online


Make money online
Hi friends today i wanna share with you my experience with PTC or pay to click programs,
i spent the last two months clicking and viewing ads but most of theme was just wast of time so i want to share this little experience with you,
first i started with Bux.to which was a really great way to wast your time clicking about 25 ads a day with huge amount of payment about 0,01$ per click and finally when i request my payment i figured out that i need to wait 90 business day before payment, then i change it to an instant payment program until i found a great one, of course its NEOBUX this website actually pay instantly a small amount min: 2$ checkout in paypal or alertpay account.

in the end i came out with this list:

N° 01:

N° 02:

N° 03:

last warning: Bux.to is a scam 100%

i hope you get the most of this experience good luck...

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Gabriel Ryan said...

ya, its really helpful post, the beginners can break from now onwards...

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