Friday, March 13, 2009

How to create Clipping Mask in illustrator


How to create Clipping Mask in illustrator

What's that:

The clipping mask are layers hide objects that in below: only the part contained within the shape of the clipping mask is visible. (See The picture)
the layer acts only on his layer or layer's group.

1- create many shapes ( as i did i chose a bitmap plus a text) put theme
on the same layer group.

2- click on the cilipping mask icons or from layers panel list and choise create clipping mask
clipping mask
that's all ... congratulation you create your first Cilipping Mask

tutorial by : Abbouh Ahmed

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Lisa said...

Very cool, simple tutorial - I know many people who start learning Illustrator struggle to find this.

illustrator-artwork said...

thank you Lisa

Devinci said...

Nice but how can I do the clipping mask with more than one shapes, In your case with two different layers with text. Thanks

Devinci said...

I got it now. Its easy too. :)

marcela said...

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