Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How we create patterns under illustrator CS:


First what is a pattern?

A pattern is a group of objects, which will be repeated until it fill all the
shape that we want to fill.

So how we create this patterns ?:

1- We should create our pattern first, I draw a rectangle and I filled it with starts. Ok
figure 01

pattern tutorial figure 01

2- After that we grab the selection tool, and we click on our object and hold shift key to select all the shapes.
figure 02

pattern tutorial figure 02

3- We open the colors panel and select "show pattern swatch".
Figure 03

pattern tutorial figure 03

4- Then we drag all the objects inside the swatch. Now our pattern is ready.
to give it a name just double click on the new pattern and type a name. then hit OK.

5- That's it we finish just draw a shape and fill it with your new pattern.
Figure 04

pattern tutorial figure 04

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